Frequently Asked Questions: You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers. So, fire away!
Why should I try Bing? Because at Bing we value the same things you do. We’re a small, local company with a focus on creating healthy, great tasting alternatives for you to enjoy without feeling guilty! Put us to the test, compare us in taste, ingredients and nutritionals, we’ll earn your love the hard way, guaranteed. Are All of the Bing Flavors Made with Bing Cherry Juice? Yes, each variety contains Bing Cherry Juice. Our Original Cherry Bing has only cherry juice. Where do Bing’s Cherries come from? Since Bing is made with real Cherry Juice our Cherry sources change throughout the year. The majority of our juice comes from Cherries grown in the United States.  During the winter months, when Cherries are no longer grown or harvested our supply often comes from Chile, South America. Where do Bing’s Apples come from? And what types of Apples are used? Our Bing Crisp formula is made from a combination of Apples grown in the United States. Based upon the harvest, these Apple varieties can change from batch to batch. Typically, we use a combination of at least three different Apple varieties in each can. Is Bing…. Vegan, Gluten Free, Kosher? BING products contain no dairy, no gluten and no animal products. For further inquiries around dietary restrictions, please email us at I’m a Diabetic, is Bing safe for me? Every body is different. We can by no means state whether or not Bing is right for you, we recommend consulting with your physician. However, based on your daily sugar intake, you can trust that every can of Bing contains no more than 10g of sugar. Yes, you read that right, 10g – or less - per CAN! What kind of Vitamins are in Bing? Bing contains 100% of your recommended Daily Value of Vitamins B & C. How much Caffeine is in Bing? Bing makes for a great pick-me-up with varieties ranging from 100 – 122mg of Caffeine. This translates to approximately one cup of coffee. Do you have any Bing Recipes? We’re so glad you asked! We love making new and exciting recipes with our Bing drinks and often share samples in the office. Click HERE to see what’s new in our Kitchen. And if you have any recipes you’d like to share with us, please submit them to
About Bing
Bing talks about being “Local”.  What does that really mean? Bing Beverages is a small, independently owned company based in Colorado. We started in 2007, in local Colorado farmers’ markets, believe it or not! Our team may be small, but boy are we mighty! Want to know more? Click HERE to visit our About Us page. Can I stop by Bing to Buy Drinks or just to say hi? Sure. We love guests and visitors, and our Bing-mobiles should be a dead giveaway that you’re in the right place! Our office is located in Lakewood, Colorado.
Buying Bing
Where can I find Bing? To find Bing at a retailer near you click HERE. If you’re still having trouble, email us at and we’ll give you a hand. Prefer to order online? You can order directly from us HERE or with one of our online partners: or Does Bing ever go on Sale? Many of retail partners have amazing Every Day Low Prices – so check us out on your grocery store’s shelves for current sales! We’re often found in the produce department. Want to buy Bing directly? We hold sales pretty frequently – the best way to find out about them is to join our email list, for sales and amazing recipes! When I order Bing from your website, why do I have to pay Shipping & Handling fees? We’ve tried our best to keep your prices as low as possible, so we’ve given everyone a flat rate shipping fee of $2 regardless of how much you order or where we’re shipping to (within the continental United States). The handling fee you incur is the cost of supplies and labor to prepare your packages – we do not mark these prices up. To keep the handling fees as low as possible, we discount that rate when you buy more than one case – our two packs come with a savings of $7.50!
Will Bing sponsor me, my team, or my event? We love sponsoring and donating product to great causes, people and local events that are aligned with the Bing vision. While we can’t accept all sponsorship requests, we review each thoroughly for the best fits and try to accommodate all. Please email with any inquiries. 
For Business
I’m a small business, how can we work together? We’d love to work with you and have special deals for retailers who are not serviced by our partners. Shoot us a line at and someone will get back to you immediately!
Questions, Comments? We’d love to hear from you! 303-GO2-BING (303-462-2464)